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About RelProMax Antitrust

Antitrust Consulting:
RelProMax Antitrust acts as a consultant on antitrust matters. RelProMax Antitrust specializes in advocating and implementing the Lundgren method for preventing collusion.

Relative Profit Maximizing Incentives:
Relative Profit Maximizing (RPM) Incentives prevent collusion by setting up a zero-sum game among the different firms in an industry. RPM incentives can be instituted, either by altering the compensation methods of business managers, or by altering the compensation of whole firms. The most useful application of RPM incentives is to assure vigorous competition within markets and industries which have only a few firms.

Possible applications include existing oligopolies, such as long-distance telephone service, or the major airlines, where only a few companies provide the bulk of production or service in an industry. Other applications include the break-up of existing monopolies (e.g., Microsoft) into two or more business firms that would be forced to compete by means of RPM incentives. Companies seeking merger approval, but who fear rejection by the antitrust authorities, may also find this method of use.

The RPM incentives method is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,065,495, "Method and Apparatus for Preventing Oligopoly Collusion," issued June 20, 2006.

Business Structure:
RelProMax Antitrust, Inc. is an S-corporation, wholly owned by Carl Lundgren, and currently resident in Arlington, Virginia.

Sister Company:
Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc. is unrelated to RelProMax Antitrust, Inc. However, they do have a common owner, and may occasionally work together on related projects for the same client.

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